Adoption Process

Adoption Process


The price of our companion puppies is $3,000.00 which includes:​

  • 2 Year Genetic Health Warranty Covering Life Altering Disease; 3 Years, if exclusively fed Life's Abundance

  • Five Generation Pedigree

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Dewormings

  • Microchip

  • Physical Evaluation by our Veterinarian

  • Temperament Evaluation by a Certified Trainer

  • 30 Days of Free Pet Insurance

  • Individual Puppy Pack

  • Lifetime of Support For your Labradoodle Dreams puppy

  • Loads of socialization

  • We start the crate and potty training process before our puppies go home!

The Deposit and Payment Process


If you are interested in one of our outstanding puppies, please fill out our Adoption Application. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application. Once your application has been accepted and you would like to reserve a spot on our Reservation list, we will ask you to send a non-refundable reservation fee in the amount of $500 made payable to Jenny Sennett using a check, cash or money order (we will take a credit card for the deposit, we simply send you an invoice).


Our Australian Labradoodles are $3,000. Reservation fee and all partial payments will {of course} go towards the full cost of a  Puppy. 


When the puppies are born, we will be confirming everyone on the waiting list for that litter and once you have confirmed your second deposit of $1000 is due. During week 5-6, when you send back in your Contract, the balance for the litter you have requested is due at this time. If you are on the list for an Australian Labradoodle your balance due is $1500.


If there is not a suitable puppy available in the litter you requested your deposit will be transferred to the next appropriate litter. If there is no puppy available in the second litter, you may transfer to the next litter of your choice up to 2 years from the time of deposit.

Mother Nature participates in all planned breedings! As a result, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. Labradoodle Dreams reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter. It may even be necessary at times to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing due to the interference of Mother Nature in regards to timing. In the event we replace a stud or a future pairing, we will make every effort to ensure the same colors and sizes expected for the litter, however this may not always be possible.  Labradoodle Dreams accepts 5 deposits per litter, and reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program from any of our planned litters. It is not uncommon for our wait lists to fill up quickly, so please take the time to fill out and submit an adoption application if you are interested in adding a future Labradoodle Dreams puppy to your family!!

As stated on our Application, Client shall pay to Breeder, upon execution of this Agreement, a non-refundable reservation and consultation fee in the amount of $500.00. Client understands and agrees that Breeder will be available to answer questions and help guide them in reference to a Labradooodle Dreams puppy to the best of their ability. In the event Mother Nature does not bless us with what we expect, Clients will be moved to the next appropriate litter. The Client understands that in the event the Client cancels the reservation spot for any reason, Breeder shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Client agrees that in the event of cancellation by Client, such $500 non-refundable reservation and consultation fee shall be forfeited by Client and paid to Breeder as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Client and Breeder agree that such amount is reasonable. This reservation fee is applied to the total cost of the puppy as stated on our website. Labradoodle Dreams will keep you updated of upcoming litters, progress of litters and puppy antics through our Facebook page and our website. Please check it weekly! THANK YOU!!!


Please remember that in a picture you cannot see everything about a puppy.  A puppy may hold its ears flat, or forward, or have chin slightly tipped so muzzle looks shorter or longer, etc.  It is very easy for families to make all sorts of assumptions based on a picture, and in almost every case those assumptions about looks or personality are completely inaccurate.  When these puppies are viewed in person and moving around, there often are very little noticeable differences between them.  All the puppies will have very similar coats and some will be almost the same color.   Also remember that it is very important for us to assess personality and temperament when determining what sort of environment each puppy will be best suited to.  Although I'm sure every family will fall in love with a certain picture or face, we ask that you remember we cannot place puppies simply based on a "feeling" a family has about a particular puppy.  Thanks for understanding that we need to carefully assess temperament and work with a trainer at 7 weeks of age to figure out which puppy is best suited for your family, as well as which family is best for each puppy.  Both sides of the situation need to be considered as our priority is forever homes.  



Labradoodle Dreams Australian Labradoodles

Raising Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle Puppies in Michigan near Ann Arbor and Detroit, MI. Domestic and International delivery is available.


Please feel free to ask us. Contact us at: Phone: 734-237-8737 Email:,

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