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Labradoodle Dreams  Vanellope Von Schweetz, aka Penelope


I swear she is Izzy's mini-me!!!!!    Penelope is the sweetest & happiest dog I have ever seen! If she could romp & play all day she would and her tail is always wagging a mile a minute & she LOVES to go swimming and boating!!! I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things this girl will add to our program


She has a perfect blocky head along with the much desired small blocky nose and great boning structure that is desired in the Australian Laradoodle breed. Penelope is a chocolate phantom with white mis-marks., she is a true medium at 18" and 32lbs. with an amazing wavy  fleece  coat. With the right beau, she will produce chocolate, parti and phantom puppies!!!


Penelope lives with her Guardian family and has 4 human children she loves to pieces and amazing parents who love her as their 5th child

Size: Medium, 18″ and 32lbs

DOB: September 15, 2015
Hips: PennHip (L. 0.33 & R. 0.30)

          90+% (nearly perfect!)
Elbows: Normal
Eye Exam: CERF Clear,
Cardiac: Normal, 
vWD: Clear,via parentage

PRA; Clear via parentage
Color: bbeE, chocolate, cream, Parti  & Phantom

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