Taffy & Bailey

Taffy & Bailey's 'Marvel' Litter

the girls are Natasha, Wanda, Pepper & Shuri

We have AVAILABILITY in this litter!

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2 weeks old

Tony - white 2 weeks.jpg
Fury black 2 weeks.jpg
Wanda hot pink 2 weeks.jpg
thor grey 2 weeks.jpg
Natasha orange 2 weels.jpg
Pepper pink 2 weeks.jpg
Cap Teal 2 weeks.jpg
Shuri yellow 2 weeks.jpg
Banner -green 2 weeks.jpg
Hawkeye blue 2 weeks.jpg


Dates to Remember!

Born - November 12
Deworming December 10
Deworming December 31

Vet Visit (deworming, vaccines & microchip) December 28th, est

Litter Evaluation December 30th est

Puppy Allocation  December 30th est

Pickup Day January 8, 2022

Training Should Start The Week You Take Your Puppy Home with Baxter & Bella (use code DREAMS for a discount)!  A well-behaved puppy is a happy puppy!
First Vet Appointment with YOUR vet should be by January 11 - Schedule that now, you can get your 2nd set of vaccines at this point.

Feb 1 - 3rd Vaccine In Puppy Series  

Feb 22 - 4th Vaccine in Puppy Series  


**Rabies Vaccine Based On Your State Law; Rabies should not be given in conjunction with ANY other vaccine as it is a very aggressive vaccine. 

(should be after March 1)

Your puppy needs to be spayed/neutered by May 12, 2022; schedule this appointment EARLY!


The price of our companion puppies is $3,000.00 which includes:​

  • 2 Year Genetic and Hip Health Warranty Covering Life Altering Disease; 3 Years, if exclusively fed Life's Abundance

  • Five Generation Pedigree

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Dewormings

  • Microchip

  • Physical Evaluation by our Veterinarian

  • Temperament evaluation

  • 30 Days of Free Pet Insurance

  • Individual Puppy Pack

  • Lifetime of Support For your Labradoodle Dreams puppy

  • Loads of socialization

  • We start the crate and potty training process before our puppies go home!

newborn girls.jpg
newborn boys1.jpg

Please remember that in a picture you cannot see everything about a puppy.  A puppy may hold its ears flat, or forward, or have chin slightly tipped so muzzle looks shorter or longer, etc.  It is very easy for families to make all sorts of assumptions based on a picture, and in almost every case those assumptions about looks or personality are completely inaccurate.  When these puppies are viewed in person and moving around, there are very little noticeable differences between them.  All the puppies will have very similar coats and be almost the same color.   Also remember that it is very important for us to assess personality and temperament when determining what sort of environment each puppy will be best suited to.  Although I'm sure very family will fall in love with a certain picture or face, we ask that you remember we cannot place puppies simply based on a "feeling" a family has about a particular puppy.  Thanks for understanding that we need to carefully assess temperament and assess the litter at 7 weeks of age to figure out which puppy is best suited for your family, as well as which family is best for each puppy.  Both sides of the situation need to be considered as our priority is forever homes.