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Companion Contract

33058 Allen Rd.

Livonia, MI 48154

(734) 237-8737

This agreement is strictly between Breeder (Seller) Jenny Sennett and:
AND (if married, please list both names and DL#s; both must sign the contract)


(Buyer) ____________________________________________    

Buyer resides at:  ______________________________________

Buyer’s home phone number is: ______________________

Alternate phone number is: ……………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………… 

E-mail: __________________________________

Buyer’s Driver’s License Number is: ………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………. 

Buyer’s Driver’s License Number is: ………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………. 

Person to contact if Buyer is unavailable: (Name/address/phone) ………………...…………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………




The Buyer has expressed to the Breeder (Seller) his/her/their desire to purchase, acquire, own, and raise a Labradoodle Dreams puppy and the Breeder (Seller) has expressed an interest in selling one of its puppies to the Buyer.


The Buyer recognizes, understands and accepts that owning and caring for a puppy will require a major and ongoing commitment of time, resources, love and affection.



The Buyer understands that while the life expectancy of a Labradoodle Dreams puppy is approximately 10 to 15 years, such life span is affected by many factors too numerous to list but which include but are not limited to living conditions, diet, exercise, regular and, where necessary, emergency veterinary care, exposure to other animals, and loving care and attention.




The Buyer has demonstrated to the Breeder (Seller) that he/she/they are committed to providing the necessary care, attention, and conditions to raise and maintain a healthy puppy.

It is agreed between Breeder (Seller) and Buyer as follows:

The dog sold to the above Buyer according to the terms of this agreement is:

Name/Sex:    ___________________   Whelped:  _________________________   

Microchip: ___________________________
Sired by:   ___________________________   
Out of:      ____________________________
Puppy Color:    ___________   has been sold to Buyer as a companion pet puppy (not for breeding purposes) for the total sum of $ 3,000.00 USD. 


  • The Breeder (Seller) guarantees that at the time of pick-up said puppy is healthy. Buyer is required to have said pup inspected by their vet within three (3) days (72 hours) to verify the pup is in good health and to have a stool sample checked.  If within three days (of the puppy leaving Labradoodle Dreams) the buyer’s veterinarian discovers a chronic or serious health problem, immediate proof of examination and diagnosis by the veterinarian is required.  Labradoodle Dreams reserves the right to have second opinion, by a veterinarian of our choice. This guarantee will be terminated immediately if dog has not been examined within the allotted 72 hours with appropriate documentation.  Should dog be found to be in poor health of a serious nature, Breeder (Seller) will refund purchase price (less deposit).  Buyer is responsible for all transportation fees.


  • If Buyer should decide at a later time, they are not satisfied with dog and are unable to rehome the dog, you dog must be returned to Breeder (Seller) at Buyer's expense. A refund will be given for the amount said dog is rehomed for, minus $500 reservation fee and any expenses incurred by Breeder (Seller) to assess the dog once returned.


  • No refund will be given nor will this warranty be valid if Buyer does not comply with Breeder (Seller)'s requirements for a successful companion specifically: being properly socialized AND providing proof for completion of two full courses of puppy/dog obedience classes before the pup's first birthday (Petco/Petsmart are not acceptable). Under no circumstances will a refund be made because a dog did not fall within a size category, color or coat type. Although all attempts are made to accommodate your 'cosmetic' request, but health and temperament are primary. We cannot control hybrid canine genetics!


The following conditions apply to the sale of the dog named above:


  • Notify Breeder (Seller) of any change in address and contact information during the puppy’s lifetime. 


  • Offer the Breeder (Seller) a right-of-first refusal in the event the Buyer determines at any time after taking possession of the puppy that the Buyer is unable to or no longer chooses to care for his/her/their puppy. Breeder (Seller) will either help Buyer re-home the puppy or will take the puppy back for re-homing by Breeder (Seller).


  • Buyer agrees to never relinquish puppy to a shelter or sell or give puppy away.[1]  If puppy is found to have been relinquished to a shelter, sold or given away without Breeder (Seller)’s knowledge and consent, Buyer shall pay Breeder (Seller) $25,000 in liquidated damages for harm done to reputation of Breeder (Seller) and to the reputation of the breed in general and this will cover the fee the stud owner would charge for a breeding dog retained outside of a contract.  Should legal action be necessary, Buyer will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred.


  • A warranty against all serious life altering genetic disease is provided for two years with the option to extend this warranty for an additional year for a total of three years (described in following section) from date of birth and must be determined by up to three veterinarians which can include yours, mine and a third objective vet, if necessary. This warranty covers the following serious genetic diseases:  Hip Dysplasia, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, EIC, and Degenerative Myelopathy, Cataracts, PRA and VonWillabrand’s Disease.  Please note that this warranty covers serious genetic disease it does not cover infectious diseases, teeth, bites or any dental procedures.


  • There is NO warranty with regard to skin/food/environment allergies. We have no control of the area your pup may be in, the food you choose to feed, or the places you go. Allergies in dogs (like people) can develop at any time.


  • If any dog, purchased by the Buyer at full price is found to have serious genetic impairment or disability (life threatening or life altering to the extent that it is not treatable, nor reasonably controllable or that is causes severe pain and extreme suffering), Breeder (Seller) will refund HALF of the purchase price to Buyer to offset expenses incurred, up to half of the price paid by Buyer for the dog/puppy, return of the puppy to Breeder is not necessary, and is at Breeder (Seller’s) and Buyer’s discretion. In order to claim a refund, under this or any warranty, for a genetic condition, Buyer shall submit to Breeder (Seller) any and all veterinary records for the puppy/dog.


  1. In the alternative, the Breeder (Seller) may replace the dog with one of equal or greater value at Buyer’s request and Breeder (Seller’s) option

  2. Breeder (Seller) reserves the right to verify the diagnosis with an independent veterinary evaluation at the Breeder (Seller’s) expense and Buyer agrees to make the dog available for Breeder (Seller)’s independent evaluation.

  3. If a third opinion is required, each party will equally share expenses of a neutral specialist in the medical field for the impairment/disease in question. The diagnosis and recommendations of the third veterinarian shall be binding on the parties.


  1.  All claims under all warranties in this contract must be approved by Breeder (Seller) BEFORE any treatment unless such treatment is necessary to immediately relieve severe suffering or to save the life of the dog/puppy.

  2. If the dog/puppy was purchased at less than full price, for whatever reason, Breeder (Seller) may opt to refund half of the price paid for the dog/puppy (less the $500 reservation fee) rather than to replace him/her. All other terms and conditions remain in full force and effect.

  3. This warranty, against serious genetic impairment or disease, is good for two (2) years from the date of birth for the dog/puppy. It is understood that a suitable replacement may not be available nor provided by the Breeder (Seller) for a period of twelve (12) months, if at all.

  4. Breeder (Seller) shall not be liable to Buyer for any collateral expenses related to the dog/puppy, including but not limited to training, medical care, housing or supplies paid by Buyer on behalf of the dog/puppy.

  5. This is the only warranty and there will be no changes to this warranty except by mutual written consent in advance.


  1. Absent damages and liquidation clauses specifically outlined within this contract, the parties agree that any damages suffered by the Buyer of any nature and cause; or arising from any breach by the Breeder (Seller) of any condition or warranty contained in this Contract; or of any condition or warranty established or implied by law shall be limited to the replacement of the dog by the Breeder (Seller) or a refund, up to half of the purchase price paid for the dog/puppy.


  • A warranty against debilitating HD (Hip Dysplasia) is provided for two years from date of birth. The guarantee for HD will be terminated should dog be allowed to become overweight determined by documented veterinary standards (vet records will be required); or be involved in any physical trauma that could cause lameness/injury of any type or duration, including but not limited to excessive stair use or running before 18 months of age (playing in the yard running is fine). Should dog be found to have debilitating HD within its first two years, Buyer must provide Breeder (Seller) with proof in the form of documentation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or PennHIP. The OFA or PennHIP x-rays must document that anesthesia was used for the diagnosis. It is imperative that microchip be scanned and documented at this visit.   We reserve the right to have a veterinarian of our choice confirm the results before a replacement, refund or surgery for correction (limited to half of the price paid for the pup/dog) is made. Please note that if surgery is chosen Labradoodle Dreams will pay said amount (limited to half of the price paid for the pup/dog) directly to the vet performing the operation. If pup/dog is overweight or been allowed to run or use stairs excessively before the age of 18 months Labradoodle Dreams is released from this obligation.

Buyer, please initial: ________________________


 All claims under all warranties in this contract must be approved by Breeder (Seller) BEFORE any treatment unless such treatment is necessary to immediately relieve severe suffering or to save the life of the dog/puppy.

Buyer, please initial: ________________________


  • Warranties shall apply only to original purchaser. Transfer of dog ownership shall void all such provisions of this agreement.


  • All refunds are cumulative and once half of the purchase price of the puppy has been refunded to Buyer, for whatever cause, the warranties expire, and Breeder (Seller) has no further monetary or replacement obligation to Buyer.


  • Under no circumstances shall the Breeder (Seller) be liable to the Buyer or to any third party for a dog which has been subjected to abuse, accident, negligence, or misuse. Also, under no circumstances shall the Breeder (Seller) be liable for any consequential incidental or special damages resulting from or in any manner related to the dog.


  • Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer. It is highly recommended that Buyer purchase a quality animal health care plan to help defray routine or emergency veterinarian costs.


Optional Extended Warranty


  • We are now offering Labradoodle Dreams owners the option to extend your health warranty an additional year for a total of 3 years simply by feeding your dog Life’s Abundance Foods.  We believe that Life’s Abundance Food and products provide the optimum nutritional benefits to best ensure good health and longevity for our puppies and dogs.  A significant percentage of all canine hip dysplasia is related to improper nutrition… remember, an ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure! We so strongly believe that optimum nutrition plays an integral role in the short and long-term overall health of your dog that we are offering this optional 1 (one) year extension to our health warranty if the following provisions are adhered to:


  • The puppy identified via Labradoodle Dreams recorded microchip must be fed Life’s Abundance Food for the first 36 months of life.


  • The owner of this puppy must order Life’s Abundance Food under Independent Representative Jenny Sennett (20591425) for tracking purposes.  NOTE:  Life’s Abundance automatically places repeat orders under us as long as your first order was placed with us.


  • At any time with in your puppy’s first 36 months should your puppy/ dog be removed from the life’s Abundance food, the     additional 1 (one) year extension to our health warranty becomes void without exceptions.  This additional year added to your health warranty is optional as we still believe that you should make the ultimate decision on your puppy’s food, treats and chews.


  • Again, this is optional, and based upon your purchase of LS food for the first 3 years of your puppy’s life.  If you choose to     purchase a different food then your health warranty will remain the same (2 years from date of birth).


  • A warranty against all serious life altering genetic disease is provided for two years with the option to extend this warranty for an additional year for a total of 3 years (described in following section) from date of birth and must be determined by up to three veterinarians which can include yours, mine and a third objective vet, if necessary. This warranty covers the following serious genetic diseases:  Hip Dysplasia, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, EIC, and Degenerative Myelopathy, Cataracts, PRA and VonWillabrand’s Disease.  Please note that this warranty covers serious genetic disease it does not cover infectious diseases, teeth, bites or any dental procedures.




At the time Buyer takes possession of puppy, the Breeder (Seller) shall represent and warrant that:


  • The puppy has NOT been spayed/neutered. Buyer understands and agrees that this dog/puppy will be spayed, neutered or surgically sterilized under the following terms and conditions, including damage liquidation:

  1. The dog/puppy shall be spayed, neutered or surgically sterilized no later than the dog/puppy reaching the age of 7 months ______________(Buyer Initial here)


  • Buyer agrees to make an appointment with a qualified veterinarian for the surgical spay/neuter/sterilization of the puppy and to notify Breeder (Seller) with proof of the procedure from your veterinarian being sent to us.  We require that this proof be on the hospital letterhead showing the puppy’s name, date of birth and microchip number within one week of the procedure.

  1. In the event that no proof of spay/neuter/sterilization is provided to Breeder (Seller) by Buyer within 7 (seven) months from the dog/puppy date of birth or within the approved extended date:

    1. All warranties and guarantees from the sale listed in this contract shall be null and void, AND

    2. All remaining terms and conditions of this contract, except for warranties and guarantees, shall remain in full effect and force, AND

    3. Buyer shall pay to Breeder (Seller) damages in the amount of $25,000 AND

    4. In the event that Buyer intentionally or negligently breeds the dog/puppy (or allows the dog to be bred), Buyer shall be in breach of this contract and liable to Breeder (Seller) for costs and fees required to legally enforce the terms herein.  Buyer will pay Breeder (Seller) $25,000 for damage to the Breeder (Seller) name and the Australian Labradoodle breed itself. __________(initial)

    5. Unless expressly given in writing, Buyer does NOT possess breeding rights for the dog/puppy. Said breeding rights remain exclusively with Breeder (Seller) AND Buyer assumes all liability to Breeder (Seller) and any third-party damages if this dog/puppy produces puppies.   _______________ (Initial)



  • The puppy has received all age necessary vaccinations, de-worming, and veterinary care customarily required for a puppy of his/her age.


  • All Future vaccinations are the responsibility of the Buyer


  • RABIES and LEPTO VACCINES very aggressive vaccines and need be given alone (not together) and NOT within14 days of ANY other vaccines.  If Buyer chooses to have the rabies and/or lepto vaccine given in conjunction with other vaccinations, this entire warranty will be VOID. ___________(initial)


  • A record of vaccinations and de-worming shall be provided to the Buyer at the time the Buyer takes possession of puppy.


  • A micro-chip (which is intended to assist in recovery in the event the puppy is lost or stolen) has been inserted in the puppy before leaving the Breeder (Seller)’s premises.  The registration of said microchip is the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer agrees to list Breeder (Seller) as secondary contact on the microchip registration certificate.


  • The risk of loss or injury to the subject dog/puppy is with the Buyer at all times after the dog/puppy leaves the Breeder (Seller)’s possession, unless express exceptions exist in other terms of this Contract or Health Warranty.


  •  Buyer is fully aware that Breeder (Seller) has not trained the dog/puppy and that Buyer is solely liable, for any training needs of, or damages caused by, the dog/puppy after the dog/puppy leaves Breeder (Seller)’s possession.


  • Breeder (Seller) shall provide the Buyer with a copy of the puppy’s pedigree, once there is proof of desexing.  If the puppy is registered with a Breeder (Seller)s association (e.g., WALA or Australian Labradoodle Association of America), Breeder (Seller) will provide all related paperwork.


  • The Breeder (Seller) shall remain available to the Buyer via e-mail and/or telephone regarding the care, training, and upbringing of the puppy. However, nothing in this Agreement shall obligate the Breeder (Seller) to directly undertake or perform any of the care, training and/or up-bring except in the event the Breeder (Seller) takes custody or possession of the puppy. Should the Buyer utilize the services or advice of the Breeder (Seller) following taking possession of the puppy, the Buyer recognizes that in seeking such service or advice from the Breeder (Seller) that the Breeder (Seller) is not a licensed veterinarian or dog trainer.


  • Breeder (Seller) agrees to make three attempts to notify Buyer of any changes in Breeder (Seller)’s address and contact information in the following manner: one attempt by mail at Buyer’s last known address, one attempt by phone at Buyer’s last known phone number and one attempt by email at Buyer’s last known email address.


  • Breeder (Seller) will do the utmost to choose the puppy closest to Buyer preferences but Breeder (Seller) does not guarantee the final height, weight, appearance, coat type, shedding and/or color of puppy.




Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health through certified Alternative or Traditional methods. Routine preventative health care includes inoculation, parasitic control and necessary medications or holistic modalities. This also includes responsible grooming and coat maintenance. Veterinary records must be provided to Breeder (Seller) if requesting refund, repair or replacement. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, health warranty will be void.






Two Dog Obedience Class Series (i.e., Puppy Basic at 10-12 weeks old which is a 5-6 week course and a second series of classes after 5 months of age) in the first year are required for the benefit of both dog and Buyer (s). A waiver may be made if Buyer provides a written statement from a trainer indicating Buyer is both knowledgeable and has training skills for a successful training protocol.   ______________(initial)



4.   Additional Terms of Health Guarantees:


  • Other than those provided above, no other health or medical guarantees express or implied, are provided by the Breeder (Seller) to the Buyer.


  • The General Health Guarantee and Genetic Health Guarantee are provided to the Buyer designated above only and no other person. The above-stated General Health Guarantee and Genetic Health Guarantee are not transferable.


  • Neither the General Health Guarantee nor the Genetic Health Guarantee shall cover any illness or condition which arises from or is determined by a veterinarian of the Breeder (Seller)’s choosing to result from trauma, abuse, neglect, or failure to maintain the general health of the puppy which shall include regular veterinarian examinations, any and all treatment and vaccinations recommended by a licensed veterinarian and/or required by law, emergency veterinary care should the puppy require such care, administration of heart-worm, flea, and tick medications or treatments, and/or proper diet and exercise.


  • In the event the Buyer seeks to exercise his/her/their rights under the General Health Guarantee and/or the Genetic Health Guarantee, and the two unassociated veterinarians disagree with each other’s findings then both veterinarians shall jointly select a third veterinarian to undertake an examination of the puppy and the determination of that latter veterinarian as to the health and/or genetic condition of the puppy shall control any rights under this Agreement.


  • While it is recognized that Labradoodles have a pleasant general temperament and disposition, the Breeder (Seller) cannot and does not guarantee the general temperament or disposition of the puppy inasmuch as general temperament or disposition, in the absence of a serious veterinary condition or illness, often depends on the environment in which the puppy is raised as well as the love and affection which is displayed toward the puppy.


  • Death due to injury, accident, Buyer neglect or any other cause will not be eligible for a refund.  Breeder (Seller) is not responsible for injuries sustained, illnesses contracted or death during transportation.




  • The laws of the State of Michigan shall govern any and all actions to enforce, interpret, or seek relief for breach of this Agreement. Any such actions to enforce, interpret, or seek relief for breach of this Agreement shall be initiated only in the Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan. By entering into and executing this Agreement, the parties hereto agree to voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan regardless of where either party is actually located or resides.


  • Prior to the initiation of any action in the Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan, where such action seeks relief in connection with the puppy’s health, the parties shall seek to resolve any dispute which may arise under or in connection with this Agreement by submitting their dispute to mediation by a veterinarian upon whom the parties agree. If the parties fail to agree upon a veterinarian to mediate their dispute, a veterinarian of the Buyer’s choosing and a veterinarian of the Breeder (Seller)’s choosing shall select a separate veterinarian to mediate the dispute. The parties shall cooperate in good faith in any mediation conducted pursuant to this Agreement.




The parties agree that this writing represents the entire Agreement between them and that no other representations, either oral or written have been made regarding the dog described above. The parties further agree that no changes in this contract shall be binding upon either of them without written modifications signed by both parties.

If this agreement has not been signed,
then warranty is void and Breeder (Seller) is released
from all contractual obligations.

Puppy deposits/payments may or may not be returned anytime at the discretion of the Breeder (Seller). Applicants/depositors and Breeder (Seller) all agree that any return of deposit/payment means that any and all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to that depositor/applicant are now terminated.


Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully.


[1] The Breeder (Seller) has a strong interest in preventing its puppies or dogs from being placed in a shelter, regardless of “kill” or “no-kill” policies.

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