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Coming Home


Your puppy will be coming home to you, its Forever Home, between weeks 8 & 9.

We will no longer be shipping our puppies in cargo. We just do not feel it is a safe option for these sweet babies!  


We do have 3 options to get you and your puppy together.


  • Picking up your puppy at our home is the First and best option!                                                                                                

  • Second, you can fly in to pick up your puppy, and you would then be able to take him back home with you, in the cabin. This is a really great option for a lot of people. I am happy to meet you at the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) with your puppy if you choose this option, again, you are more than welcome to come to our home if you prefer. If this is something you are interested in, we will need to set that up between weeks 6 & 7.                                                                              

  • As a Third option, we can deliver your puppy to you via air and meet you at your closest major airport where your puppy will fly in the cabin with us, as opposed to cargo. This would need to be set up between weeks 5 & 6.  We work with a flight nanny and there is up to a $300 fee for this service, plus the flight and cost to have the dog in cabin.              

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