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The Girls

We operate on a guardian home structure, which means that all of our dogs live with their very own forever families.  WE ARE NOT A KENNEL and will NEVER operate as one.  All of our parent dogs live in their forever homes forever! They are loved and spoiled family members in their homes. It is a fact that happy, healthy, well loved and cared for parents produce healthier puppies.   
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The Boys

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As you'll see on each page above, all of our dogs undergo extensive health and genetic testing to minimize risk to families and our puppies. We are socially responsible and require spay/neuter of all companion puppies, that is strictly enforced. We also require 2 full courses of training for all our companion puppies, as that is the number one reason for rehome.  We are very much what you see is what you get.  We do our best to reply quickly and understand the level of trust you all place in us. We appreciate you and take our responsibility seriously.
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