When The Puppies Are Born

We will be posting weekly photos, video and information about the puppies and responding to any questions. Each puppy will have a color coded collar and you will be able to see who is who and you will start to get an appreciation of each puppy’s temperament, physical characteristics and playful manners.


We find families occasionally have their hearts set on one certain thing but really, there may be other puppies whose temperaments may be better matched for their family. This is why we do NOT decide who gets what puppy before this point. This decision is based on the puppies’ personalities and the questionnaire we have you fill out about your family and lifestyle. We pick 1-2 puppies that will fit with each family’s lifestyle & requests, and then we go from there. 

Newborn to Two Weeks

A few days after the puppies are born, we will then begin using the Early Neurological Stimulation the Rules of 7′s canine stimulation and Super Dogs adapted from the Monks of Skeet training methods. We do this to increase stimuli and it is designed to help the puppies deal with life’s stresses.


​Your puppy will go to the vet for their first check up and started their deworming which continues every 2 weeks through week 8. Your puppy will visit the vet a minimum of 1 times to ensure their health while here with us here at Labradoodle Dreams.

Three to Four Weeks

The puppies will now be able to see and hear.  They will also be learning to walk, bark and puppy wrestle.  This is my most favorite age, they are such little explorers and their personalities really start to come out!

We will have a 'meet the litter' day once the puppies are between 4-5 weeks old.  This is a great time for you to meet us, the momma dog, see the litter and ask lots of questions!  This date is picked by the time the puppies are one week old and will be posted on that litter's page and sent to every family so you can plan.  This is NOT a required visit.

Five to Six Weeks

They puppies are introduced to new things daily; sounds, textures, toys and more people of all ages that are our puppy socializers!


We are working hard on seeing new things, hearing new sounds, playing on new toys and crate and potty training!!  All things to ensure you have a well rounded puppy!!

Seven to Eight Weeks

The puppies are assessed for things like sociability, trainability, sensitivities, cooperativeness, assertiveness & energy level and the allocation to the families is decided.


Our trainer matches each puppy to each application. Since we know the puppies and live with the puppies and have the opportunity to see the puppies in many different situations, we ask that families be open to gender and color.


We will send out our Health Guarantee and contract for your review, we ask for your final payment at this time. Families with an outstanding balance will be removed from the reservation list (Unless we have another agreement) at this time so that families who are ready, are able to get a puppy. 

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