American vs Australian Labradoodle

There are countless differences between the American and Australian Labradoodle.  If you have done some research, you most definately have come across the terms F1, F1b, and multigenerational.  


An F1 labradoodle is the offspring of a pure bred Labrador retriever and a pure bred poodle.  The offspring of these breedings are highly unpredictable in the areas of appearance, coat type, and allergy friendliness.  They may take on the characteristics of one or the other or a combination of both.  


F1b refers to the offspring of an F1 labradoodle bred to a poodle.  The offspring of these breedings are more predictable with about 80% of puppies of two non-shedding parents being non-shedding and allergy friendly.  This is due to the large amount of poodle genes in the dog.  



There is also the term Multigenerational Labradoodle.  This refers to labradoodles being bred to other  labradoodles.  This too produces offspring with more consistency in coat but still not 100%.  These all refer to various types of the American Labradoodle.

Izzy is a 4th generation American Labradoodle, she is our foundation girl
Lulu is an Australian Labradoodleshe is Izzy's daughter
Millle is a Multi-gen Australian  Labradoodle, she is Lulu's daughter and Izzy's grand-daughter

The Australian Labradoodle encompasses much more than just the cross breeding of a lab and a poodle.  There are many other genes at work in the breed. There are up to five different parent breeds within the Australian Labradoodle, each one bringing its own characteristics to the breed.  Each of these breeds were chosen for a specific purpose to strengthen the breed.  Due to generations of breeding, a more consistant result is achieved in breeding the Australian Labradoodle.  Australian Labradoodles were bred and developed with purpose by Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.  By using top quality dogs from known service dog lines in the early days of development, the breed moving forward has been one with a unique temperament that cannot be duplicated.  We strive to maintain the work of the breed founders while continuing to improve in areas of health and consistency in type.  If you are interested in an Australian Labradoodle, make sure to review the parents' pedigree and confirm the dogs are truly from that special heritage that makes the Australian Labradoodle so unique.


If you are interested further in the heritage of the Australian Labradoodle or in discussing the Australian Labradoodles that are available today, feel free to contact us.  We love to discuss our dogs!

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