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About Us and Our Goal

We typically only raise one litter at a time, to ensure that all of our Labradoodles and puppies get all the love, attention and exposure to as many things as possible from the day they are born. A main goal here is to carry therapy lines in at least one litter per year. This will also help solidify that these joyful, intuitive doodles go on to become Canine Good Citizens, Therapy dogs or, of course, amazing lifelong family companions.


Not only are all of our Labradoodle parents thoroughly health tested Our puppy and adult guardian dogs live in our home and our Guardian Homes as family pets. We do NOT use kennels or dog runs. Your puppy will be raised as if it were going to be a part of our family, until it goes home to be a part of your family. You will be dazzled at how naturally our Labradoodles fit into your family and lifestyle.


You probably want to know if a Labradoodle is for you. A Labradoodle is a dog for everyone, young couples, empty-nesters, families, and single people; quite simply anyone looking for a go with the flow kind of dog. Honestly, anyone who is open to being loved no matter what, then a Labradoodle is for you!!! I have no doubt that our Labradoodle Dreams puppy will change your life forever; there is simply no dog more intuitive, loving or social.


Give us a call or email us, we’re happy to answer any questions.

Contact Jenny: Phone: 734-237-8737 Email:

a little abou us and how Australian Labradoodles came into our lives.
Our Team
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