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Natural Solutions for Your Dog

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I'm so happy that you are looking at more Natural Options for your pets.  

As I've gotten older I am looking for more natural, or non-toxic ways to live my life & that goes for everyone in our house, human & canine.

We started using Essential oils about 10-12 years ago, really because the candles and plug ins were causing sinus problems.  I had a friend who was like "Switch to oils & I bet that goes away", I trusted her, it worked and that was it for us!  But was just the beginning of our journey to live a cleaner life.

I met a breeder who showed me other options for pests and worms and we added that in.  Little by little we started living cleaner.

Last year we had a lot of changes, one of them was losing Cosmos at 14 and I truly believe that if I had more knowledge of how to use Natural tools when it came to his ear, he might still be here with us.  It sounds silly, an ear infection?  Yep.  It ruptured his eardrum, he had recurrent infections that were drug-resistant and he had to be on high-dose oral antibiotic meds for 30 days on several occasions.  He was on steroids at LEAST twice a year for at least 5 years.  I feel like I did him a disservice.  


By sharing these options with you, and giving you more tools in your toolbox, it's my hope that others don't make the mistake I did.  None of this means we're not using our vets.  We are, this is another tool.  Handing some things at home, or hitting a problem from different angles often gets better results.  With that said.......

BAXTER & Bella provides pet parents (YOU) with Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY access to everything needed to achieve better animal ownership and to experience the very best in canine companionship. The membership includes all of their training methods, materials, and resources! 

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Please take five minutes to watch this quick video about BAXTER & Bella!

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