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Greenwood Park Cauz for Celebration, aka Miggie
miggie & olive.jpg

Miggie is from our friends at Greenwood Park Labradodles!!  Miggie is just the stud we have been waiting for.....and we've been waiting a LONG time to add another Stud to our program.  Miggie lived here with us for several months before going to his Guardian Family.  Let me tell you, he is a guys guy...he loves playing in the yard, he's often found with a ball in his mouth.  He even loves to watch sports on TV and help out when his parents are playing video games.  He is definitely living the life!  He has a doodle sister that he lives with that is actually from our Penelope's first litter!  They are two peas in a pod, besties from the start.


Miggie is a true  mini and will help us to produce just that.  He has the perfect blocky head along with the much desired small blocky nose and great boning structure that is desired in the Australian Laradoodle breed, he is put together beautifully. Miggie  is a Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle that is a fabulous chocolate wavy fleece coat that you can run your fingers through for hours.


Miggie lives with an amazing guardian family that are friends of ours and they love and spoil him to pieces, he is the second Dood this family has added to their family!!!  We can’t wait to see the things this boy will bring to not only our program, but the breed as a whole!


Color: chocolate (bbEe)
Hair Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece (non-shedding) 18lbs​
DNA profile: vWD/DM/PRA-4/PRA/EIC/IC: clear  

Pennhip: 90% DI:Right DI = 0.24, Left DI = 0.32
OFA prelim hips: Good
OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia L and R
OFA eyes: clear/normal

Color: bbEe, Chocolate, cream,  phantom

Testing Results
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