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Stud Service

mini australian labradoodle

Labradoodle Dreams is excited to offer Stud services to approved breeding programs through the Natural breeding process or Artificial insemination. For AI (artificial insemination), we work with our Reproduction Specialist, here in Okemos Michigan. There, they will collect the semen, check the quality before it is packaged & then they will ship it directly to your vet’s office for your use. It will arrive within 24 hours when possible.

If you are interested in our stud, please contact us for our contract and pricing.


Our requirements of Dam Owner:
A copy of all of your Dam’s health clearances and a copy of your Dam’s pedigree. Dam owner is responsible for all veterinary costs, including AI fee’s and shipping costs, if Natural breeding is preferred a statement from your veterinarian clearing the Dam of Brucellosis within 7 days of Natural breeding and she is at the minimum number for ovulation based on Progesterone testing. All puppies in the litter will be spayed and neutered before going to their forever family, unless we agree in writing or that a puppy or puppies will be retained or sold as breeding stock.


What you will get from us:
A copy of the Stud’s health clearances and a copy of the Stud’s pedigree.
The Stud Contract
Two puppies constitute a litter. If there is no litter, or only one puppy (not retained for breeding purposed), we will waive the stud fee for a mating with the same female.

The Dam’s owner is, however, responsible for the collection and shipping costs if AI is used.

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