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More For The Summer

Thinking you're missing something?  We've got a few ideas that they'll love all summer long!!!

Summer Boots for your Dood!

Did you know that if it's in the 80's outside that the concrete/asphalt can be as hot as 131 degrees!!!!!  You can boil an egg at that temp!!!   You dood's feet definitely need to be protected!  Just remember not to leave them on too long, dogs sweat through their feet and boots on too long can make their paws yeasty (gross & itchy)


Float Jacket for your Dood!

Summer fun means trips to the lake or pool and even a great swimmer needs a Float Jacket!  We love Ruffwear (we use their harness too), there are LOTS of options out there, this one is Packable and Stylish !


GPS for your Dood!

No one even likes to THINK about it...but even the most well trained dood's can get out.  It's happened to us.  The panic and anxiety we had was indescribable.  Luckily there are lots of options out there for GPS for your Dood. This article breaks down the best of 2019.  I have one for Taffy, she's still all puppy, so We want to make sure she's safe!

gps dog tracker.jpg

Unique Tags for your Dood!

So I think a Dood's Tags are like their bling.....or a fancy bangle.  I mean, it's your dood's best accessory & there are TONS of options out there.  But how Cute & Unique are these?  Plus they are super reasonably priced!!  I just ordered some for our dood's because everyone needs some fancyness in their lives.  Ironically this company is Metal Dood's!!!   All of our Dood's have one!

New Fancy Tags.jpg

Awesome Toys for your Dood!

As most of you know, Parker often made a tug toy for each puppy before they go home.  He'd sell the tug toys too!  All the dogs love them and Park loves to make something that he knows they truly enjoy.  Unfortunately with sports and Senior year here, he's too buy, but my niece is going to try & take over the job!!   Feel free to message me or call me if you'd like one for your dood!  Her prices vary ($7-$15) based on the kind of tug!

You may also know that Park is lacrosse player.  Our Cosmos loves to play any sport Park is playing, as long as their together!  Taffy LOVES a lacrosse ball.  If you haven't seen one, they are basically a solid rubber ball, pretty much indestructible & super hard.  Taffy teethed on one.  Cos can't catch them off the rebounder, because the ball is hard enough to break his teeth if its going fast enough.  but its a great ball to play catch with your dog. If you click on the pic, it'll take you to a link of someone that personalizes the lacrosse ball for your dood!!

Fleece Tug Square Rope.jpg
Greaseless ball.jpg
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